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About iCarepax

Your Strategic Partner

iCarepax is a patient experience professional company that brings new ideas to market and works with both industry and nonprofit clients to design experiences, change behaviors and improve outcomes.

Motivated by a desire to make people’s lives easier and safer, iCarepax delivers new directions in products, packaging, labeling, identity and information systems.


Powerful things happen when you find someone whose vision aligns with your own.

You’ve come up with a groundbreaking idea. Now you need the right development partner. iCarepax is actively seeking innovative concepts for healthcare-related solutions.

iCarepax is privately held, financially strong, market-leading and well-connected all along the healthcare continuum. We’re interested in learning how we can partner with you.

Innovate with Us.
Our primary areas of interest are:

  • Personal Care Packs

  • Baby Welcome Pack

  • Patient Apparel

  • Professional Apparel

  • Bed And Bath

  • Bedside Care Products

  • Disposable Exam Products

Our Process

We respect the hard work you’ve put into your ideas and we respect your time by promptly responding to each and every product idea that is presented to us.

Once we have your submission with basic information and disclosure forms, your submission will go through the following process:

Anyone who submits new ideas or inventions to iCarepax will be required to first agree to our disclosure terms that no confidential information will be disclosed. Our policy does not permit non-disclosure agreements to be signed until our subject matter expert teams have reviewed the submission. This policy is in place to protect both the inventor and iCarepax

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