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Envelope Contour Sheets

Envelope Contour Sheets


LUXE Envelope Contour Sheets

  • 100% polyester with cotton-like softness

  • Wrinkle-resistant surface moves with patient to help reduce friction and shear

  • Long-lasting, stain-resistant and maintains bright white appearance longer

  • Fits wide range of mattress sizes from 32” x 80” to 42” x 88” and every size in between



27 oz

21 oz

27 oz


LUXE Contour Sheets

  • 100% stain-resistant polyester fibers easily wash away natural or water-based stains

  • Maintains bright white appearance even after repeated washings

  • Minimal shrinkage allows for greater longevity



33 oz. Bariatric

24 oz



  • Additional Info

    UXE Envelope Contour Sheet— One Size Fits Most Fits wide rangeof mattress sizes from 32" x 80" to 42" x 88" and every size in between.

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