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LUXE Bath Towels

LUXE Bath Towels


iCarepax’s expansive line of quality terries is sure to have what you’re looking for—from plush, 100% pima cotton to durable intimate blends for softness and efficiency. If it’s colors you need, we have those too, with no bleeding or fading—all long lasting and made to withstand commercial processing.


  • A unique combination of comfort, durability and sustainability

  • Blended towels that are delicately soft, highly absorbent and brilliantly white

  • Wash with less water and dry faster than ordinary cotton towels

  • Energy efficiency promotes sustainability and cost savings

  • 80% cotton/20% polyester blend

  • 100% combed cotton loops for more uniform whiteness and added softness



22" x 44"

24" x 48"


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