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Non Slip Socks

Non Slip Socks


Our slippers combine comfort and added safety to give your patients the security they need. And because your patients come in all sizes, our slippers do too—along with a wide variety of colors and fabrics.


  • Interior terrycloth lining provides warmth while absorbing perspiration from the foot.
  • Slip-resistant tread fused to the top and bottom provides a continuous grip for extra resistance against falls.
  • Color-coded sizing for easier, more efficient sorting



Infant            Child Age 0–6 months

Toddler        Child Age 1–2 years

Child             Child Age 2–4 years

Small            Child Age 5–9 years

Medium       Women 6–7 and Men 5–6

Large            Women 8–10 and Men 7–9X-Large   Women 11–13 and Men 10–12
XX-Large     Men 12–13
XXXL             Bariatric with Loose Knit Cuff. Extra Stretch.

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