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Pediatrics Pajama

Pediatrics Pajama


Sized and styled for a comfortable fit, our gowns and pajamas are designed with soft fabrics and fun patterns that let kids feel like kids. Just like our grown-up apparel, our pediatric textiles are laundry-friendly and make it easy for caregivers to deliver the care they need to feel all better.


  • 100% polyester fabric is super comfortable, holds up to high laundry temperatures and is guaranteed to remain flame-resistant for the life of the garment.

  • Color-coded by size for easy identification and sorting

  • Both the regular gowns and IV gowns have a straight back closure for modesty; IV gowns have all snap closures and patient gowns have snap closure at the neck and tie closure at mid-back

  • Comfortable PJ pants feature a no-fuss elastic waist

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