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Soft-Fit  Knitted Contour Sheets

Soft-Fit Knitted Contour Sheets


iCarepax knitted sheets are wrinkle-resistant and breathable. They move with your patients and residents so the fabric won’t bunch up, reducing the likelihood of pressure points and skin issues.


  • Exceptional patient comfort

  • Knitted sheets come out of the dryer virtually wrinkle-free with no need for ironing

  • Constructed with spandex in the bias to provide an even better fit

  • All Soft-Fit knitted sheets have a 14" gusset



  • Contour Sheets

White, 24 oz

White, 21 oz

White, 19 oz

White, 15 oz

White, 15 oz

White, 13 oz, No Spandex

  • Dealer Packs

White, 15 oz,Individually wrapped for HME Display

19 oz Contour Sheet, Fitted Flat Sheet and Knit Pillowcase

  • Flat Sheets

White, 60" x 104"

  • Flat Sheets With Fitted End

White, 14.5 oz

  • Pillowcases

Pillowcase, 3 oz

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