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Soft-Fit Knitted Fitted Stretcher Sheets

Soft-Fit Knitted Fitted Stretcher Sheets


iCarepax stretcher sheets move with the patient and reduce bunching to minimize patient discomfort. These sheets are available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs, including our Soft-Fit knitted sheets for exceptional patient comfort, and our LUXE line that fades less, resists stains and maintains its shape.


  • Virtually wrinkle-free, no ironing required

  • Soft-Fit is made of 55% combed cotton/ 45% polyester

  • LUXE material is a blend of synthetic fibers that fade less, resist stains, shrink less and maintain their shape



White, 24"x70"x9",10oz

Blue, 24"x70"x9",10oz

Green, 27"x78"x9",21oz
Blue, 24" x 70" x 9", 14 oz , PerforMAX

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