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Suede-Touch Microfiber Quilts

Suede-Touch Microfiber Quilts


iCarepax’s Suede-Touch quilts feature vacuum packaging to help you reduce freight costs, make

the most of your storage space and protect your quilt. The suede-like feel of our Suede-Touch Quilts comes from the strong ticking and tone-on-tone satin stripe finish. This soft facing, as well as the fluff filling, provides cuddle softness and warmth.


  • Suede-Touch quilts are vacuum-packed to help reduce freight costs, maximize storage space, and protect quilts until ready for use.

  • Our quilts feature a 5 oz. fill for warmth and softness and an onion stitch pattern to complement both contemporary and traditional settings.

  • The quilts are available in four colors with a capped end or throw style end.



Reversible, Throw-Style Twin Solids

Non-Reversible, Capped/Fitted End Style Twin Solids


Colors Avilable

Pebble Tan

Zinfandel Red

Peacoat Blue

Sage Green



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